Frequently Asked Questions

I want a quote for a custom part. What info do you need?

More details the better! Tell me type of part, what type of design, style. Feel free to send me any images that inspire you and photos of the bike the part is going on. I want the part to fit perfectly with the direction your bike is going and get you exactly what you want.

How do you figure out what to charge for your parts?

This is a complicated question. It really depends on how I feel about myself that day. If my self-esteem is low and I feel I have no self worth then I charge very little in hopes of being accepted by others. If I wake up feeling like the best thing since sliced bread I charge alot. I'm kidding. I try to be fair. Remember everything is done by hand and I do my best to put out the highest quality product I can and charge a fair price for it.


What if I hate it and want to return the part?

Sorry folks. No refunds or exchanges at this time. Please purchase seriously, but not too seriously. One shouldn't take life too seriously.


Where do you ship too?

I ship to USA and Canada. For everywhere else please shoot me an e-mail and I'll get a shipping quote from the post office for you. Sorry, that is the best I can do for now.


Are you single?

You flirt! Yes I am but I'm sorry ladies trying to get this business up and running is a full time job and I'm afraid dating has taken a back seat. But feel free to send me any naked pics you want.